Europe, The Magical Destination for Every Traveller!

Europe, one of the most exotic continents in the world has been attracting travellers to experience its stunning locations since ever now. Bollywood has some special connection with Europe as we have seen numerous films being shot and picturised in different European cities. Europe is definitely one of the continents that are in every traveller’s list.

Seeing Europe feels like seeing half of the world already. 

The diversity in the landscape, the beautiful flora, the architectural delights, the culture, and the pleasant streets, the uncommon houses, the party destinations, the scenic beaches and mountains, and a variety of things attract the tourists to the continent from around the globe. People travelling to Europe always have their huge itinerary ready so that they could experience Europe as much as possible in their Europe holiday packages.

The entire of Europe welcomes more than 480 million international tourists every year which means Europe holiday packages are one of the most popular ones in India and the world. Being its easy accessibility from India, the affordable and customised Europe holiday packages in India and the love for the continent makes it one of the most loved places for the Indians for holidays.

Some places in Europe are highly visited by everyone because of their popularity but there are some of the other underrated stunning places on the continent that travellers overlook. This proves the diversity of the continent from the East to the West where the culture of the cities/countries keeps changing with the change of borders. No moment spent in Europe is dull.

No matter what kind of trip you are planning to Europe, be it a romantic trip, a friends getaway, a family vacation, a bachelor trip, and anything, Europe is so mind-blowing that it serves everyone to the fullest.

If you are on this page, it quite evidently means you too are drooling over the beautiful Europe pictures on the internet and are planning a vacation here. Booking your trip through a Europe trip package is always the best because the travellers get a customised package filled with itineraries having things to do of their choice. Our Europe tour package from India is designed as per the convenience and liking of the Indians in Europe.

Taking our Europe tour package from India saves your energy from the hassle of booking the trip after constant research, provides you with the itinerary along with the best things to do there, helps you with your interests, cuts down your budget effectively by reducing the miscellaneous expenses, and many more things.

What are the best and affordable Europe Tour Packages from India?

  1. Swiss Paris Delight Premium 2019 (group package) – 7 Days and 6 Nights – Rs 1,29, 990
  1. Best of Europe Summers 2020 (Group Package) – 16 Days and 15 Nights – Rs 2,31,490
  1. Pearls of Europe 2019 (Group Package) – 11 Days and 10 Nights – Rs 1,84,990
  1. Spanish Delight 2019 (Group Package) – 8 Days and 7 Nights – Rs 1,04,990
  1. London Swiss Paris Budget Special (Group Package) – 9 Days and 8 Nights – Rs 1,69,990

What is the best time to visit Europe?

The fantastic part of Europe is that it is a continent that is suited for year-round travel. There are different destinations to visit at different times. Talking weather-wise, the most pleasant months in Europe are May to June and September to October. Keeping this point in mind, a lot of Europe holiday packages are sold during these months.

The Europe tour package from India is also popular in December and January. There are two reasons for these months to be popular for the Europe tour. One is the fun Christmas and New Year’s celebrations that happen there.

A lot of tourists and travellers are attracted to this. Another reason is the snowfall. December and January face snowfall in most countries of Europe making everything extremely magical. Though because of the cold, the typical traditional travellers avoid this time of the year for the Europe tour.

Talking about the crowd wise, the highest tourist crowd in Europe is in the peak months of May to August. You can definitely find enough fellow travellers during this time. The Europe tour packages for the family are preferred during this time of the year. It is the summer holiday season in India.

What are the most popular and loved countries/cities to explore in Europe?

Europe is quite a big continent. Because of the extreme PDAs of the European countries and cities in Bollywood movies, in the travel journals of the travellers, in the travel magazines, etc people are heavenly attracted to these places.

Everyone wishes to have at least one Euro trip in their life to see most of the continent.

Some of the most popular places in Europe that are also included in most of the Europe tour packages are listed here. We are quite sure you too would be having these places in your wish list.

London – United Kingdom  – The most charming city in the world known for its typical English vibe and the gorgeous English architecture is everyone’s top destination in Europe. The markets, the churches, the museum, the food, and the people here are the most amazing. The London Bridge, River Thames, Primark, The Big Ben, The London Eye are some of the fun things to do here.

Paris – France – Call it the fashion capital of the world or the most romantic city in the world, Paris is every couple’s dream to be at with their loved ones. Of course, The Eiffel Tower steals all the limelight for having a romantic trip here. Other fun places to explore here are the Disneyland, Louvre museum, Arc De Triomphe, Cathedrale Notre Dame De Paris and others.

Rome – Italy – If you are a history or an architecture lover, you would love every bit of Rome and entire Italy for that matter that gives you an ultimate cultural experience. The place is great for a romantic trip and even for a bachelor trip. The Colosseum, the Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica, Trevi Fountain, are some of the top places to visit here.

Venice – Italy – There is no other city as dreamy as Venice. The entire vibe of the city is romantic and pleasing to the heart making you not have enough of the place. The city seems to be floating on the water with boats on the canals is such an experience to have in life. The Rialto Bridge, Saint Mark’s Basilica, St. Mark’s Square, Doge’s Palace are some of the many places to explore here.

Vienna – Austria – The culture of Europe is also truly depicted in this city of Austria. Quite underrated by the traditional tourists but the millennials love this place for the aesthetics and architecture. This place is known for the historic coffee houses, opera, music, culture, art, and everything soulful to the heart.

Barcelona – Spain – For the people who are party lovers and who love chilling in a cool ambience would always prefer this place. Spain is quite a popular choice for that matter. The vibe of this city is cosmopolitan enough as it is settled around the Mediterranean coast. The delightful mix of culture and architecture can be soulfully explored here.

Amsterdam – Netherlands – No other city in Europe is as good as Amsterdam for solo travel. The city is so stunning and calm with aesthetically pleasing architecture throughout that it steals your heart. The tulip fields, the canals, the museums, make this city everyone’s favourite. Don’t miss out on the tilted houses, they are a treat to the eyes!

Ibiza – Spain – The party capital of the world is a beautiful archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza is known for hosting the best parties so visiting the city during the New Year’s eve is the best. Ibiza shows you an amazing contrast with the fun nightlife filled with pubs and clubs on one side and the quaint villages, beaches, and yoga retreat on the other.

Prague – The Czech Republic – The European city that is straight out of the dreams is Prague. The exact feels of Europe where you keep walking in the artistic lanes, have breakfast at the cafes on the streets, take pictures in beautiful streets, is what Prague gives you in abundance. The bridge across the Vltava River is a place to explore to the fullest.

Budapest – Hungary – Calling the capital city of Hungary as beautiful would surely be an understatement for it. The highlight of this city for the travellers is that most spots are even recognised by the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This means enough gorgeous places to see. The amalgamation of the fascinating history with contemporary artistic architecture is what makes it totally worth exploring.

Santorini – Greece – The recent most favourite destination for the honeymooners is Santorini, Greece. Most of the Europe tour packages that couples choose from India are for Santorini. Known for the incredible sunsets, the scenic ambience, the serenity, the cosy hotels, and the sight of the white buildings overloaded with Bougainville makes this city the most suited for romantic holidays.

Switzerland – Have you ever been a DDLJ fan? If yes, it is impossible to watch the movie and not dream about visiting Switzerland, the land of Senorita. The hill station is so pretty with the dreamy cottages, the snow-laden peaks, the incredible view of the sunrise, and lots more. A Europe trip without visiting Switzerland is always incomplete.

It was tough to put out only 11 cities because Europe has a huge fan following in the whole world.

What are the best places to explore in Europe?

Honestly, this could take a while but we are trying to keep it short with the most popular, most loved, and the most beautiful places to visit in the continent. We are bound to leave out many options, but don’t come counting on us for that because Europe is BIG!

And why would you still want to read other’s stories? Haven’t you heard, ‘Don’t settle with what they say, go create your own stories’? Now is the time to book one of the fanciest Europe tour packages from India.

You can check them here.

London Eye – London

It is the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in entire Europe that gives 360-degree views of London. Go for a ride here during the sunset time.

 Disneyland – Paris

There isn’t a Disneyland in the world cuter than that of Paris. The 5 different sections of the park take you to your fantasy childhood world that you always wanted to live in.

Eiffel Tower – Paris

Can you miss the Queen when in the land of King? To the king city of Paris, the Eiffel Tower is the queen you cannot stop drooling over! Again being here at sunset time is magical.

Tower of London – London

This beautiful castle by the Thames river will take out your inner artist and you couldn’t help taking tonnes of pictures here in front of this artistic place.

Louvre Museum – Paris

The most beautiful museum in Paris is the largest art museum in the whole world. This place is a dreamland for the art lovers by all means. You will find the world’s most renowned paintings here.

Vatican City

Do not take this smallest country in the world lightly at all! It has so many hidden gems that would make you wonder why you never thought about visiting this place.

Nueschwanstein Castle – Germany

Germany is the land of castles and this is the most beautiful castle in Germany. This one is definitely a fairy tale castle that also served as an inspiration for the sleeping beauty castle in the movie.

Colosseum – Rome

Any kind of art seems to be fading away in front of this art of Rome. This amphitheatre stands tall showing the beautiful art of Rome and can host up to 55,000 spectators.

Leaning Tower of Pisa – Pisa

This one is a wonder in itself. It is quite amazing to see how a building structure can be tilted and how it is balanced while leaning.

Madamme Tussads – London

If you are a Bollywood fan, you will not miss this place for sure. You get to see the human-like wax statues of the famous Bollywood celebs and even click pictures with them. There are wax statues of a lot of personalities here from around the world.

 Prague Castle – Prague

This one is the official office of the President of the Czech Republic now but before it was occupied by the kings of Bohemia and Holy Roman emperors as their official place.

 Charles Bridge – Prague

This iconic bridge that crosses the Vltava river is a common way of connection between Prague Castle and the city’s old town.

How to go to Europe from India?

The first and the very obvious choice for going to Europe from India is by air.

All of the major Europe tour packages from India are designed for the air mode itself. This is because it is most convenient as all the major cities of Europe are well connected with airports to the whole world. The other modes of transport for visiting Europe from India are land and water. The continent is surrounded by water on all three sides. It is differentiated from the Asian mainland from the East by a mountainous range.

Finding a Europe tour package from India is quite easy. We can help you with that. You can browse some of the most loved Europe tour packages from India here.

By Air

The Europe route has immensely busy traffic as all the major airlines from India like the Air France, Air India, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, KLM, Alitalia are well connected. It takes about 8 to 12 hours to reach any country in Europe from India.

The Europe tour package from Delhi is available with Air India, Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, KLM, Virgin Atlantic airlines.

The Europe tour package from Mumbai is available from Air India, British Airways, Swiss Airlines, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic etc.

Other airlines having connecting flights to Europe are Emirates, Oman Air, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airlines, Kuwait Air, Qatar Airlines, Gulf Air, Aeroflot.

By Road

Continental Europe is very well connected by the roadways. Such kind of Europe holiday packages from India would be travelling through and different cities and also through the countryside via road.

By Rail

Travelling to Europe from India has to be done by flight and then one can explore the continent via train. One of the best experiences to take back from Europe is travelling in a train and exploring the various cities. There are a lot of European cities that also have Internal Metro services. Talking about the International trains, their best ones are InterCity Express, Eurostar, TGV, etc.

 How to get the Europe Visa for Indians?

Travelling to Europe from India obviously calls for a Europe VISA. The continent does not give Visa on arrival to the Indian citizens. The processing time for VISA for Europe from India is about 10 to 15 working days. A lot of European countries provide a Schengen VISA. It is basically a single VISA.

We would advise you to apply for the Europe VISA at least 12 weeks before the holiday. For the people travelling to Europe from India for their honeymoon, make sure to factor in any name change and other registration formalities.

What are the top-rated Indian restaurants in Europe?

Going on a foreign vacation and missing Indian food is a common feeling that every Indian gets.

Who can blame us Indians for this! After all, our spices, dishes, and cuisines are so delightful, we start craving for our food quite often. Most of the Europe tour packages are of above 5 days so it is kind of impossible to not miss Indian food there, hence, here is a list of the best Indian restaurants in Europe.

  1. Jewel of India – Frankfurt, Germany
  2. Indian Affairs – Rome, Italy
  3. Hotel Namaste – Pisa, Italy
  4. Bombay Indian Restaurant – Rome, Italy
  5. Indian by Nature – Prague, The Czech Republic
  6. Bombay Spice – Venice
  7. Maharani Restaurant – Munich, Germany
  8. Bhojan – Paris, France
  9. Bombay Villa – Paris, France
  10. Goa Restaurant – Vienna
  11. Urban Spice – Zurich, Switzerland
  12. Tandoor Haus – Zurich, Switzerland
  13. Indigo Restaurant – Budapest, Hungary
  14. Mr Masala – Budapest, Hungary
  15. Aapka Restaurant – Berlin, Germany
  16. Restaurant India Port aan de Amstel – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  17. Namaste India – Linz, Austria
  18. Rangoli Restaurant – Milano, Italy
  19. Nirvana Inde – Paris, France
  20. Purnima Indian Restaurant – Madrid, Spain
  21. Laxmi Indian Restaurant – Vasteras, Sweden
  22. Spice Lounge – Albufeira, Portugal

What are the most popular cuisines and dishes of Europe?

No matter how much you miss Indian food on your Europe tour, we strongly recommend you to try the authentic European food. They also serve amazing delicacies that aren’t the same anywhere else in the world. So, make sure to try those. We are listing down some of the best things to try in Europe.

  1. Waffles in Belgium – Waffles were invented in Belgium and you cannot return from Europe without having enough of these.
  2. Haggis in Scotland – It is a non-vegetarian dish but the vegetarian version of it is also available. The minced liver of the sheep is boiled with oatmeal, spices, and seasoning to prepare this dish.
  3. Arancini in Italy – When you are in Italy, make sure to try out pizza and pasta for obvious reasons. And along with that, make sure to try out arancini. Arancini is a great starter that includes rice balls stuffed with cheese, peas, ham, etc.
  4. Cheese fondue in Switzerland – The best cheese that you would get anywhere would be in Switzerland. Even the cheese fondue of Switzerland is next level amazing.
  5. Currywurst in Germany – This one is a very popular German fast food which is a type of sausage. It is a sausage that is steamed and even fried served along with ketchup and curry powder.
  6. Hamburger in Germany – Never leaves Germany without having their iconic and delicious hamburgers. You are going to love it because you actually haven’t tried a better burger anywhere else in the world.

What are the trending experiences in the Europe tour?

  1. Walking at the London Bridge in London
  2. Having a dining experience at the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  3. Dancing from the dusk to the dawn in the sizzling parties of Ibiza
  4. Going on a Gondola ride in the canals in Venice
  5. Attending the Oktoberfest in Munich
  6. Visiting the Madame Tussaud’s museum in London
  7. Going for a winery biking tour in Tuscany
  8. Tomorrow Land in Belgium
  9. Reminiscing the history in The Czech Republic, France, Italy, and Germany
  10. Visiting the dreamy castles in Germany
  11. Hiking up to the Alps
  12. Go on a cycling tour in Amsterdam
  13. Feel the vibe of Berlin nightlife
  14. Go on the carriage rides in Kraków’s Old Town
  15. Do not miss savouring your heart with Rome’s iconic gelato
  16. Visit the Prince’s island of Istanbul
  17. Experience the weather change within minutes in Iceland
  18. Invest a night experiencing Opera in Vienna