Most Popular Singapore Tour Packages

The Cosmopolitan and the lavish South Asian country grabbing eyeballs of all kinds of travellers!

The Lion City is definitely the king because of its aura. Being a travel magnet amongst travellers from across the world, this country welcomes tourists in large numbers.

Exploring Singapore is like walking in the lands of the riches!

To begin with, Singapore is the top most visited countries of South Asia. All thanks to its exquisite vibe of the high-quality spots in the country. The major attractions of the city are capable enough to show the multicultural heritage of the place. The country has no dearth of amazing spots to explore throughout. Singapore is basically an island city and also an independent country. So, it is always referred to as country and city both.

Singapore is not only about its major spots to discover, but it is also about the tradition, heritage, and the culture of the place. It is known of boasting the multicultural heritage through its diversity. Just like India is filled with a variety of culture throughout, Singapore is the same in this matter. Talking about the cultures, the city shows the blend of both Asian and European cultures.

This modern country is all about the urban landscape that keeps the beauty of nature in harmony. So, when you are travelling in this city, you are not packed by the gorgeous buildings only but also are wrapped in the lap of the soothing nature. On one hand, where you are driving in the bustling city life and then immediately you are taking rounds in the countryside area of Singapore. On whole, it is splendid. On one side you will be finding the old street markets and on the other side, you will be seeing the high rise eloquent buildings.

Expect chilling at the mesmerising beaches and watching the awesome skyline of the country with the high sky rise buildings of the country. As beautiful the city looks in the daytime, it’s nightlife is dazzling too where the sky appears like the mother of the lights. Singapore is a bliss for every kind of traveller.

The country is an expensive one but that does not stop people from visiting it from all across the globe. Get ready to dive into the vibe of richness in this city with our curated Singapore tour packages.

We have some of the luxurious and at the same time most affordable Singapore tour packages from India listed on our website. We have designed the packages keeping the budget, comfort, and travel essentials of the travellers in consideration.

Booking Singapore Tour Packages from our website makes you book hassle-free travel where everything is taken care of.

Europe Tour Package helps you to travel freely knowing that everything is booked beforehand, there is a continuous back end support, and your excess miscellaneous budget is cut from here and there.

What are the Best and the Most Affordable Singapore Tour Packages from India?

  1. Affordable Luxury Singapore Package – Rs 22,500 – 7 days and 6 nights
  2. Singapore and Malaysia Tour – Rs 90,000 – 4 days and 3 nights
  3. Scintillating Singapore Tour – Rs 41,873 – 5 days and 4 nights

What is the best time to visit Singapore? 

To be really honest, Singapore is one of the rare destinations that are favourable for year-round travels. There is no such thing as not a good time to visit Singapore. So, anytime you wish to visit Singapore, that is a good time to go.

But, then again there are some considerations here and there. Of course, there are certain months in which Singapore is at its best just like any other destination in the world. The months from February to April are the overall best months to travel to Singapore. This is the best season because the country receives little less rainfall during this time as compared to other time of the year.

Another theory also says that the months from December to June are the peak travel months. Singapore is a hot country that experiences warm temperature for most of the year but these months are the colder months that makes travelling easy and friendly for the travellers. This is the time when the crowd of the tourists is also high.

If you are someone who would like to escape the major crowd season, you could choose to travel between February to April. May and June are however hotter, so skip travelling here during this time.

Our Singapore tour packages are designed keeping this in mind.

What are the best places to explore in Singapore? 

Though Singapore is an independent country or an island city, there are so many places to explore here that the travellers would have a hard time to choose from while on their travel.

You should expect to see enough of modern architectural wonders here in Singapore along with some naturally scenic places as well.

Check Google and visit the image sections of the below-mentioned places. Your heart will lure to visit them as soon as possible. Also, when you will be in these places for real, you will be having some great treats for your eyes.

Our Singapore tour packages from India have most of these places included in the sight-seeing depending upon the package you choose.

Now, let us directly tell you about the wonders of the place.

Marina Bay Sands – The Marina Bay Sands has a Skypark, infinity pool, and a hotel. Its situation in the rooftop deck makes it a fantastic place to explore.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple – See the religious side of Singapore through this temple. It is a Chinese style Buddha temple that looks out of this world in person.

Night Safari – If Not all nights here are meant for pubs so save one for the epic Night safari. It has a tram ride through the seven of the world’s geographic regions.

Singapore Flyer – This one is a giant Ferris wheel that gives you a chance to see the bird’s eye view of the Singapore city. The flyer has three floors including restaurants and shops.

Singapore Botanic Gardens – Another soothing place in the country is the Singapore botanic gardens. The tropical greenery over here calms down your nerves making you not want to leave this place.

Clarke Quay – This one is at the mouth of the Singapore River and has restaurants, boutiques, and a night market. A unique place to be at and chill. 

Gardens by the Bay – This is an astounding man-made marvel that is home to the most wonderful natural elements of the world. It’s not a garden in the city but definitely a city in the garden.

Sentosa resort- A place to visit to rekindle your childhood and indulge in some of the most fun activities. The attractions here are worth spending each second.

Sentosa Island – The beach bums are going to be satisfied with visiting this island. The charm of the beaches in Sentosa Island gives a chance to let the travellers enjoy in serenity.

Orchard Road – The most happening shopping street of Singapore filled with the most eloquent markets and the fanciest coffee shops. A delightful place!

The Merlion – You cannot miss the place that the country boasts of the most. The half-fish and half-lion statue of the country is Singapore’s most prominent icon.

Singapore Zoo – Unlike other zoos of the world, this one is quite fascinating. The zoo has some impressive attractions and the most exotic animals to keep you occupied.

Singapore River – A spot in the city to relax your inner self and get some peace after a hectic in the city tour. The sights from here to are endearing.

Universal Studios – The most amazing, the most delightful, and the must-visit place in Singapore has to be the Universal Studios. This theme park is out of the world.

Lau Pa Sat – Singapore food is quite underrated but it is amazing and something you must not miss out on experiencing. This is a great place for it inside a picturesque historic building.

China Town – If you want to experience the actual multicultural diversity of Singapore then visiting China Town is a must activity.

Little India – Your Desi heart would boast you to visit this spot in the country. Exploring India in the Singapore style is so much fun and heart fulfilling.

How to go to Singapore from India?

The first and the very obvious choice for going to Singapore from India is by air.

The Singapore tour packages from India on our website are designed for the air mode itself. This is because it is most convenient as all the major cities of the world are well connected with with airport of Singapore.

The other modes of transport for visiting Singapore from India are land and water. Through the land or road trip, it is quite difficult but not impossible.

Finding Singapore tour packages from India is quite easy. We can help you with that. You can browse some of the most loved Singapore tour packages from India here.

By Airways

The airways distance between India and Singapore is 3440 km. There are a plethora of flights to take from India to reach Singapore like Air India, Biman Bangladesh, Air Mauritius, All Nippon Airways, British Airways, Dragon Air, and lots more. It is a 4-hour journey of Singapore from India.

By Roadways

The roadways journey as we said is quite long and hectic. The total distance to cover is 6054 km from Central India to Singapore. The route gets a little hectic because you have to travel from the India-Myanmar Friendship road and then from Thailand via Bangkok to Malaysia. So, it’s a long journey.

By Railways

It is even possible to visit Singapore by train from India. Singapore is connected to Malaysia, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur following a route to Bangkok. Every day there are three trains to the city. Trains depart from and arrive at the Tanjong Pagar MRT station Singapore.

By Waterways

Singapore is an island country so obviously, waterways are one of the ideal options to travel. There are regular ferry services from Singapore to Tanjung Belungkor in Malaysia and the Riau Islands in Indonesia. One can take a ship ride from India to Singapore and reach the city in 12 days.

How to get the Singapore Visa for Indians?

To travel from Singapore to India, you will require a Singapore VISA. There is not on arrival VISA facility in Singapore for the Indians. An electronic or an e VISA is mandatory for the Indians to visit Singapore.

The VISA processing fee for the Indians from Singapore is S$30. This fee has to be paid under the application of the VISAs. This is a non-refundable fee irrespective of the outcome of the VISA application.

An Indian passport holder should have a VISA for Singapore for 30 days with a validity of 2 years. Also, your passport should be valid for 6 months from the date of entry in Singapore.

For the people travelling to Europe from India for their honeymoon, make sure to factor in any name change and other registration formalities.

What are the top-rated Indian restaurants in Singapore?

You can take a Desi man out of India but you cannot take out India from a Desi man, or a woman!

They crave for Indian food within every Indian is real. There is a strange thing that a lot of travellers have felt and that is the hunger for Indian food when they are abroad.

Here are some of the best Indian restaurants in Singapore to have a delicious meal when you are there.

• Khansama Tandoori restaurant
• Rang Mahal
• Shahi Maharani
• Jaggi’s
• Thevar
• Punjab Grill
• Yantra
• Komala Vilas
• Chat Masala
• Kebabs and Curries
• Kailash Parbat
• Flying Monkey
• Urban Roti
• Zaffron kitchen
• Mustard
• Annalakshmi
• Tandoor
• The song of India
• Greenleaf Cafe

What are the most popular cuisines and dishes in Singapore?

Okay, honestly, we have a suggestion for you and that is to try the authentic Singapore dishes. It’s okay to binge on the Indian food after you miss it extremely but do not end your holiday there without trying some exquisite local dishes of the country.

We are telling you, you will miss out on a lot of fun if you don’t try their special cuisines and dishes. As Singapore is a country whose culture is heavily influenced by the Malay, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and western cultures, the same is seen on their food as well.

Here are some of the most famous cuisines and dishes from Singapore that you must try when you are there.

• Laksa – It is a bowl of rice noodles with shrimp, fish cakes, egg and chicken meat in spicy coconut curry soup. It is a blend of Chinese and Malay cuisine.
• Hainanese chicken rice – A plate of rice with steamed chicken is served in this one in chicken stock.
• Chilli Crab – A delicious crab dish made out of hard dish crab cooked in semi-thick gravy with a tomato chilli base.
• Char kuay teow – It is a noodle dish including broad white noodles fried with black Soya sauce. It has bean sprouts, clams, fish cake, and Chinese sausage in it.
• Fish head curry – Fish head curry served with rice or bread and has some cooked veggies added to it.
• Barbecued stingray – The dish contains stingray meat that is slated in thick sambal sauced has base ingredients of chillies, tomatoes, and shrimp paste.
• Hokkien prawn mee – A stir-fried Hokkien noodles dish is served with slices of chicken or pork, prawns, squid and fish cake.
• Satay – It is a dish having Skewered grilled meat that is served with rice cake, cucumber-chilli relish, and peanut sauce.
• Oyster Omelette – Omelette fried with oysters and is mixed with flour. It is further garnished with crispy bean sprouts, coriander leaves, and mixed sauce.
• Bak kut teh and rice – It is a soup of pork rib with Chinese herbs and spices. It goes the best with steamed rice and is a breakfast dish.
• Char siew meats on rice or noodles – It is a dish having barbequed red pork and roasted pork belly in a thick sauce.
• Roti prata and teh tarik – It is a paratha sort of that is served with thick vegetable lentil curry.

What are the trending experiences in the Singapore tour?

Singapore is a country filled with experiences. There is no dull moment when you are in Singapore. You end up having fun at one spot and then there is a long list in front of you to try out other activities. It goes like this in Singapore throughout.

Here, we list some of the fun things to do in Singapore so that your trip is worthy of every penny spent.

• Visit the Hawker centre and try out the local street food in Singapore.
• Try the Singaporean famous Ice cream sandwich.
• Spend some good hours in the most beautiful Changi Airport in the city.
• Go to the Marina bay sands and enjoy the infinity pool view from the top.
• Enjoy midnight shopping at Mustafa
• Definitely go for the jungle night safari without any second thoughts
• Explore the weird Haw Par villa
• Visit the Kampung village to see the diversity of the different cultures there
• If the budget permits, spend a night in the dream hotel
• Walk around the gardens by the bay at the night time to see them illuminated with the most gorgeous lights
• Explore Chinatown by walking
• Visit the Orchard road for the aesthetics and picturesque spots
• Save one of the nights from your tour to have a good time at the bar
• Explore Little India because that is obviously the best thing to do there as you are Desi at heart.
• Take a day off to explore the Pulau Ubin islands and relax your mind
• Do destress at the beaches of the country and have a laid back day
• Take an offbeat trip to St John’s Island and Lazarus Island.
• If you want to try adventure then try zip lining in the Sentosa Island
• Have a romantic dinner at the Singapore flyer
• Do prawning, a smaller version of fishing.
• Spend a day in the Mangroves

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