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Greece Turkey Tour Packages – If there is one vacation destination in Europe that is filled with serenity, peace, vintage cosy charm, and most amazing sights of nature, it has to be Greece. The Greek culture along with the Greek architecture is so pleasing to the soul that travellers do not want to end their tour days here.

The sunny beaches, the whitewashed buildings, the beauty in the historical ruins, the scattered islands, are some of the phrases to describe Greece. Greece has a plethora of places like Santorini, Athens, Mykonos, Oia, to explore.

Greece Turkey Tour Packages

Every place has a different feel to it. In this tour of Greece, you would be getting to live the delightful nightlife of the country, experience the cultural delights, and spend hours viewing the stunning landscapes.

Turkey, on the other hand, is a lot different from Greece. Turkey is a delight for the people who love history and architecture. The country is brimmed with beautiful sceneries, ancient monuments, a variety of food, and dazzling markets of the city.

This is the perfect city for an offbeat trip where the travellers can be lazy around the city, explore the ruins, watch the beauty of the huge monuments, and have the most delicious food. In this tour, the travellers get to explore Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey for 2 whole days.


  • 7 days of hotel accommodation
  • Sight-seeing tour expense
  • Airport to the hotel and vice versa transfers Cruise and the boat rides
  • Dinner on all 7 nights in the hotel
  • Breakfast as mentioned in the

Not Included

  • No other meals as specified in the itinerarynce Fees
  • Anything apart of the inclusions
  • No personal expense like shopping, photography charges, etc
  • No medical emergency charges
  • No medical emergency charges
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Day 1 Landing in the beautiful Athens

• The first day of our pleasing tour starts in Athens. As soon as you land in Athens airport, you would be taken to your hotel with the tour manager from our team.
• On checking into the hotel, you are free to spend the day as you would like. You can freshen up in the hotel, chill around the pool area, explore the vicinity, or just simply relax in your hotel room.
• The dinner will be served in your hotel room. Have your sumptuous dinner and have a relaxed sleep in the hotel.

Day 2 Sight-Seeing the beautiful Athens city

• Wake up early in your hotel room and have your breakfast.
• Post this, we step out of our hotel room and get in the private cabs to explore the beautiful Athens city.
• Athens is an extremely picturesque city filled with a variety of places to explore. The culture of the city is something to know to its depth. It is that alluring.
• Some of the top tourist places to visit here will be Constitution Square (Syntagma), the Parliament, the Memorial to the Unknown Soldier, and the National Library. Acropolis Museum, Temple of Olympian Zeus and Hadrian's Arch, and Panathenaic Stadium are the other places to head out to in this soothing city.
• We end this hectic day with returning to our hotels, having a warm dinner there, and sleeping.

Day 3 Exploring the most relishing Santorini city with Athens

• The third day of our Greece Turkey tour will be very much fascinating because you will be exploring Santorini today.
• The highlight of this day is the long ferry ride journey of 5 hours from Athens to Santorini that you will be going on this day.
• We begin our day quite early, have our breakfast, and check out of the hotel because we have to leave for Santorini.
• As you reach Santorini, you check into another hotel, freshen up, and have the entire day to spend as you would like.

Day 4 Exploring the hotspots of Santorini

• Post having our breakfast in the hotel, you need to step out to go on a cruise ride which is going to be exciting.
• The first spot of your day tour is Nea Kameni where you will be seeing the volcanic springs. Thirassia is the next place where you will be heading out to which is basically a secluded island.
• The days end with a beautiful cruise ride getting back to the hotel. Have your dinner at the hotel and sleep tight.

Day 5 Getting back to Santorini and having a desire day

• You get up at leisure in your hotel, have your breakfast, and then check out of the hotel to leave for Athens.
• The ride from Santorini to Athens will again be through the ferry ride.
• When you reach Athens, you will have to check into the hotel where you could freshen up and enjoy the leisure day.
• The entire day is left to spend as per your liking in Athens. People generally like to chill and explore the vicinity by just walking and getting to know the locals.
• Have dinner in the hotel itself and sleep tight.

Day 6

• Your journey to Greece ends today and the tour moves towards Istanbul. As soon as you check into Istanbul airport, you will be taken care of by our tour manager who would drop you to the hotel.
• Post checking into the hotel, you can spend the day as you would like, and chill.
• The evening will be saved for the most-awaited Bosporus Cruise. The highlight of this cruise ride is the gorgeous Turkish sunset. The tour is a fancy one as you would get to explore tonnes of things from this ride like palaces of marble, ancient wooden mansions, fortresses, Spice Market, fishing villages.

Day 7 Istanbul City Tour for the day

• Get up in the hotel, have your breakfast, and step out to explore the beautiful Istanbul city. Istanbul is one of those cities that has a beautiful blend of history and culture.
• The places to explore here are Sultanahmet Mosque, Hippodrome, Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar.
• Istanbul is great for some souvenir shopping and trying out the exquisite delicacies of the city.
• Post having a very productive sight-seeing day, you would be checking into the hotel, and having your dinner there itself.

Day 8 The Cultural tour ends today

• This is the last day of the Greece Turkey tour. You wake up in the hotel, have your breakfast, and check out of your hotel to leave for the airport.
• The tour ends with beautiful memories and lots of pictures from the trip.

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Download pdf brochure